Who We Are

Big News! Please see details about our New Ownership
Bryan & Associates is a Sauls family endeavor so named in January 1987. We are a Benjamin, Daisy, Crosman and Sheridan authorized repair station, recommended to repair obsolete and current models. We offer factory repairs for many models of Marksman, all Rogunz and Valiente airguns distributed through Bryan & Associates. We service all models of Armscor, Farco, LD, Rogunz, Benjamin, Daisy, Kessler, Sheridan and Valiente airguns, as well as Vintage and Antique airguns.

Bryan has over 23 years experience repairing airguns. Ron has over 45 years airgun experience and is a machinist and stockmaker. The remainder of the Sauls family pitches in with packing, writing invoices and many other tasks that require non-oily hands.

Bryan is a collector of early Crosman airguns. Primarily the 1923 to 1951 models. Though many other makes and models have raised enough attention to be added to his group of treasures. He devotes his time to the repair of airguns of all types.

Ron is a collector of articles, drawings, sketches, notes, books, magazines, etc. on the style, operation and construction of airguns and their parts. Custom and modified airguns are the most enjoyable part of his hobby. Stock making is now limited, as valve modification, lengthened barrels, sight and scope additions, trigger improvement, partial and complete refinishing have become the more requested. Leisure time is spent constructing airguns of various styles. Ron a Home Builder, builds Home Made airguns. Their style may be a cane, Flint or Percussion, rifle or pistol, shotgun, or combination rifle/shotgun as well as a more conventional airgun. Considering any bore larger than .25 as a Big Bore most project airguns are in the .30 to .40 cal. range. Though others are .45 to 50 caliber and 20 gauge.

If you are a maker, builder or considering a Home Made airgun project, we would like very much to hear from you. We are always happy to exchange ideas.

What We Do

Modifications; Barrel length, caliber, valve tuning, sight & scope additions, and other personal or custom features are available by request.

Power modifications are made to valves.

Trigger modifications include reducing pull, over travel, and creep. Adjustable trigger additions are available for many models.

Caliber modifications may increase or reduce the pellet or ball size. Barrels are turned and cut to the dia. and length of your choice.

Retractable, folding and adjustable stocks are fitted to by air rifles and air pistols.

Replacement metal breeches are available for many models with plastic breech.

Sight up-grades and scope mounts are added to improve your shooting requirements.

Increase shot number with the addition of a Bulk-fill adapter, continuous air supply or a gallery connection to a large supply tank.

Original and/or Urethane grips in a verity of colors. Hot Blueing, Enamel paint and Baked Enamel are available.

Though most valve modification request are for the improvement of effectiveness we also “DE-tune” airguns for areas that have special requirements.

We are available to modify your spring, pump, CO2 or pre charged pneumatic air rifle or air pistol for effect or cosmetic particulars per your request. Please, write, a good clear description of requirements. Machining and fabrication is offered for damaged and missing parts.

Repair Work

With project time in mind it has come time to turn much of the repair work over to someone else. Expanding their inventory now, please, contact Ron for the address and models to be handled at the new locations.

Vintage, Custom and Modified Airguns, service, repair, Parts and Accessories will continue through Baker Airguns tel: (937) 660-9152

Our airgun hobby remains “Top Priority.” We are, as always, looking for airguns, parts gun, parts, literature, tools, bb’s, pellets tins, co2 packets and accessories of
all manufacturers.