Bulk CO2
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Bulk-Fill CO2 Plug Replacements Parts


Airgun Model

Tank Type



MK-l      and     ll  Bulk-fill  1/8 national pipe female fitting - CO2 Replacement Plug $32.95
  MK-l     and      ll    Paintball  Attaches paintball tank to MK-l or ll - CO2 Replacement Plug $32.95

160 type

Bulk-fill CO2 Replacement Plug fits models 150/7, 160/7, 166, 180/7,262/3, 400, 600, 677, and 1100 $32.95

Bulk-fill Economy - Two piece adapter - CO2 Replacement Plug and Valve front half    $32.95  
  QB Bulk-fill Adapter for models 77- 78 & 79rifles - CO2 Replacement Plug $32.95
  S&W Bulk-fill   78g & 79g - CO2 Replacement Plug    $32.95


Paintball   78g & 79g - CO2 Replacement Plug $32.95

Bulk-Fill Accessories



Tank Type



2240-50-60 Extension Tube
Use with B-F adapter
  The 8 3/8 inch tube increases CO2 capacity comes with bulk-fill adapter $32.95
  160 type Extension tube   We now offer a connecter that attaches the 22XX extension and filling head to the early external CO2 tubes.  160/22XX   $12.95
Dummy CO2
Paintball Replaces 12 gram CO2 allowing the attachment of a paintball tank, or hose - made of light weight anodized Aluminum - Hole must be dilled in tube        $21.00 

Tank Adapters


Adapter Type

Tank Type



20 LB adapter Paintball female
threads and 1/8
NPT male threads


20 LB adapter with 1/8 NPT female for filling 10oz Crosman and other tanks

20 LB adapter  plus fitting to fill the Crosman CG tanks. 





Thread Saver    
  Brass male and female thread protects for 10 oz. tank  and airgun threads. $2.00 each.
Dust cover     .
   Brass cap 1/8 pipe thread to maintain inlet clear $2.00 each.

Adapter for

Hammerli 850 / RWS 850  

9 oz & other similar Air Bottles

Paintball Attach a 9 oz. paintball tank with pin valve to your 850.
The internal floating pin depresses and opens the pin valve as the paintball tank is fully installed in the 850 rifle.



Benjamin, Crosman
& other
Air Rifles


Paintball to 88 gram "Air Source"          Attach any paintball tank even the pin valve tank  to the "Air Source" male thread.
The internal floating pin depresses and opens the pin valve as the paintball tank is fully installed to Benjamin and Crosman carbines and other air rifles.

Multiple tip adapter OFF/ON    



Fill paintball tanks from other paintball tanks fitting even the pin valve tanks.
The knob will open the PIN Valve. Tanks with Off/On valve can also be used. 
The paintball to paintball OFF/ON unit comes with one tip of your choice


  1/8 NPT male  $9.00 
               Additional Tip  AS 88 gram male    $9.00
               Additional Tip  AS 88 gram female $9.00
               Additional Tip  Paintball male $9.00


"Air Source" Refill adapter

Use on any 88 gram tank. Refill from any paintball or commercial tank.

A: is a one piece brass unit for filling 88 gram "Air Source" tanks with adapter B (below) from paintball and commercial CO2 supply tanks.
B: A blued steel adapter with check valve allows refilling of an empty 88 gram "Air Source" bottle. The Sir Source tank with adapter B can be attached and removed as often as desired. The CHECK VALVE seals the AS bottle.

  The blued steel adapter attached to an 88 gram Air Source tank fits and hides completely under the forearm of the Hammerli and RWS model 850 rifles.
  Adapters A & B unit.      $34.95

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