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22xx Parts

Seldom has so much been offered by so many for a series of airguns. Efforts of individuals, groups, shops, etc., on drawing tables, work benches, in back rooms and machine shops have brought 100s of accessories to the airgun market. Modifications and theory began filling 22XX commutations. Port, polish, cut, lengthen, slot, reduce, and enlarge are a few of the terms used.

  Custom features for the 22XX series are as numerous as the number of people willing to create his personal airgun. Grips, breeches, barrels, adjustable sears, trigger over travel stops, sights, scopes, stocks, forearms, bulk-fill caps, extension tubes, adjustable power screws, reinforcement valve screws are some of the frequent modifications that are done or obtained by the shooter.

BOSS Valves

The BOSS valve offers reduced thread depth on the stem guide,
larger internal diameter, exhaust port angled.
Greater valve capacity.
Delivers air or gas faster to the projectile.

VALVE Comparison

Top left: The Boss valve body and modified stem guide.
Center left: The Max-Flow Bulk-fill valve face.
Lower left: The economy Bulk-fill valve face.
Upper right: A standard valve body and stem guide.
Lower right: Bulk-Fill filling head with internal check valve & 1/8 NPT female port


Picture Description Price
BOSS Valve:  The Boss valve, modified stem guide & 12 gram CO2.
The valve stem and valve spring are unmodified originals. For 2240, 2250B, 2260, 1760, 2300, 2400
Max-Flow Valve: The Max-Flow valve face seals the tube allowing Bulk-Filling.
The tapered passage directs the increased CO2 capacity directly to the Boss valve.
A standard valve below for comparison. For 2240, 2250B, 2260, 1760, 2300, 2400
Bulk-Fill Valve: The Economy Bulk-Fill valve face pictured on a standard valve body can also be used with the Boss valve. For 2240, 2250B, 2260, 1760, 2300, 2400
BOSS & Max-Flow System: The complete Boss & Max-Flow Bulk-Fill system with Filling Head. The valve stem and valve spring are unmodified originals. For 2240, 2250B, 2260, 1760, 2300, 2400
BOSS Valve(2250):  The BOSS AS For the model AS 2250.  The Air Source 2250 valve does not exchange with the 22XX valve


The Boss 12 gram, Max-Flow and Economy systems can be used with these Crosman tubes
Crosman 2240 Tube - 8 3/8" long $10.75
Crosman 2250B Tube - 9 7/8" long $16.75
Crosman 2260 Tube - 16 5/8" long $18.75

Crosman 2240-50-60 Extension Tube

Extends either of the above 8 3/8"  for bulk-fill

Extension tube with connector for early Crosman 160 and other models




Riser Breech Kit

Our RISER .260 high, anodized black, allows use of a 1" barrel shroud.
Screws and cocking pin included.
For forward or rear breech screw location.

Can be used with BnA breeches, Crosman short or long breeches and others,



Aluminum, anodized black receivers.

Scope rails.  Flat rear sight slot .  Two barrel set screws.

   Forward mount breech screw. 
For Crosman 13XX or 22XX barrels -
"Bolt and Handle, NOT included"



Bolt Handle  designed for the 22XX and 1377 also fits other models
           1 1/2" overall , .430 dia. knob, 6-32 or 8-32 thread, BLUE STEEL  

Continuous Air:
An early Crosman 150 frame supports the single ring paintball tank mount.
CO2 is transmitted directly from the tank to the Boss valve by pressure hose.
Trigger Shoes   anodized Black or Silver Alum. $9.95
  Barrel Prices 

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Repeater Breech

The BOSS Repeater breech has an in-line tubular magazine that hold 25 Crosman round nose pellets. Other pellets and pellet lengths my be used. Each hex. alum breech is dovetailed for a scope and is milled to allow use of the standard Crosman rear sight.

The BOSS repeater breech is available with the bolt and magazine on the left side, LH model, or with the bolt and magazine on the right side, RH model.

BOSS Repeater breech, +/- 25 shot magazine, magazine support with bolt and custom bolt handle. 

Not Available After November 2007

Operating Instructions

Remove the magazine end plug, insert pellets, skirt first, in the magazine, replace the plug.
Open the bolt, push the loading slide to the loading position. The barrel should be tilted slightly up. The
pellet stop holds the second pellet in the magazine allowing the rear pellet to drop into the loading slide.
return the slide to the firing position, close the bolt. Aim and fire.

Not Available after Nov. 2007